CDM Spring 2018 Training

Aviation Industry Trainers and Consumers of CDM Policies, Procedures and Applications,

Your 2018 CDM Spring Training package has been released. You can find the information under the Training tab (above)/Spring Training. You must extract the files for the hyperlinks to work! See more guidance below.
The intent of CDM Spring Training is to bring you updates from the CDM Sub-Groups and share with you the latest in training materials that pertain to policies, procedures and new technologies that have been developed for application in the NAS.

This year’s package includes:
• CDM Subgroup Briefings
• WET – Weather Evaluation Team
• FET – Flow Evaluation Team
• CAT – Collaborative Automation Team
• FCT – Future Concepts Team
• SCT – Surface CDM Team
• PET – PERTI Evaluation Team
• CTT – CDM Training Team
• Applications, Procedures, Programs & Updates
• TCF (TFM Convective Forecast) Changes
• TFDM (Terminal Flight Data Manager)
• PERTI Review (Plan, Execute, Review, Train, Improve)
• SWAP (North East) for 2018
• NOD (NAS Operations Dashboard)
• IDRP (Integrated Departure Route Planning)
• FSM 13.3 / ESM 13.1.1 Changes and How to Model Programs
• FACT BOOK (NAS Performance Review 2017)
• Operations Plan Advisory (New Format)
• Playbook / CDR Changes for 2018
• Updated AADC (Airport Arrival Demand Chart)
• Mexico Playbook Routes
• CDM Guidelines Document Update
• CDM Data Quality Exchange
CDM 2018 Spring Training can be downloaded at:
1. Download the CDM 2018 Spring Training zip folder.
2. Open or save the files.
3. “VERY IMPORTANT”… Extract all files”. (Links in the ppt will disconnect if you do not “Extract all files”)
4. You can view all the presentations thru the primary ppt presentation “01 CDM – 2018 Spring Training”