TFMData Service

The TFMData Service is provided by the Traffic Flow Management System located in the FAA’s WJHTC collocated with the Atlantic City International Airport in NJ. The TFMData Service provides traffic flow management data to SWIM in support of Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) objectives. TFMData is a pure JMS service that provides streaming data updates as well as a variety of request/reply functions. The data provided includes messages received by other systems which are enhanced by TFMS. The enhanced elements include (but are not limited to) converted route information, entry/exit data for certain TMIs, other computed data such as RAPT timeline data, NTML restrictions, and more. There is also specific support for International users such that they can provide TFMS their data and vice versa all in FIXM format. Similarly TFMData supports the TFDM program by providing Airline provided data to the TFDM system.

In accordance with FAA-STD-066 (reference [9]) for Air Transportation Information Service, the service version is 1.3.

  • The service category is Air Traffic Command and Control Information Service, ID
  • The current lifecycle stage is Production.
  • The service criticality is Essential.
  • The TFMData Service namespace is urn:us:gov:dot:faa:atm:tfm:tfmDataService
  • The namespace is dependent on other namespaces as depicted in Figure 4 1 of the JMSDD. TFMData Service Namespace: urn:us:gov:dot:faa:atm:tfm:
  • Each namespace can be correlated to the schema files defined in Appendix A of the JMSDD

The TFMData Service provides the following Business Functions:

  • Flight Data
  • International Data
  • Terminal Flight Data (TFDM)
  • TFMS Request Reply
  • Flow Information
  • TFMS Status

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