The Route Management Tool (RMT) was developed by Metron Aviation, Inc. to facilitate increased information exchange between Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC), the Air Traffic Control System Command Center (ATCSCC), and the airline user community.

RMT is a database query tool allowing users to search the centralized RMT database that contains various types of routing data. Coded Departure Routes (CDRs) and Playbook Plays are defined/modified by FAA administrators through RMT. Several reference tables from the NFDC are also included; Preferred Routes, Location Identifiers and Airway Intersections. Routes and overlays can also be viewed on the RMT Map. CDR administrators at each ARTCC are responsible for maintaining the CDRs that originate from the center. The CDR program is a combination of coded air traffic routings and refined coordination procedures designed to mitigate the potential adverse impact to the FAA and users during periods of severe weather or other departure congestion events. The National Playbook is a collection of Severe Weather Avoidance Plan (SWAP) routes grouped into ‘Plays’. RMT version 1.50 was released on December 4, 2007.

Web RMT is a web-based query tool that allows users to view the Operational CDR database, as well as preferred route (PrefRoute), location identifier (LocID) and airway intersection. 

(AwyIntxn) information from the NFDC. Web RMT is available through the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center’s web site: http://www.fly.faa.gov. Anyone can access web RMT to search the databases and download the information to a file.











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