What is Collaborative Convective Forecast Product (CCFP) and how does it pertain to CDM? Convective weather is the single most disruptive force affecting the operation of aircraft within the National Airspace System (NAS). In  order to mitigate the weather-induced disruptions, the parties involved  have proposed an alternative to the conventional aviation weather  forecasting for convective activity. This alternative consists of  a process by which an initial forecast produced by the Aviation Weather  Center (AWC) in Kansas City evolves into a final product through collaboration  by participating meteorologists from the airlines and Center Weather  Service Unit (CWSU). The forecast is called Collaborative Convective  Forecast Product (CCFP). CCFP is a component of the CDM as it encourages  and promotes collaboration among all stakeholders to share and exchange  information. It is expected that this forecast produced by collaboration  will improve decision making process within the CDM framework and  lead to reduction in delays, reroutes and cancellations influenced  by convective events.


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