The Diversion Recovery Page provides the FAA and NAS users with a common picture of the diversion recovery flights that are currently in the system. Since these flights have had the misfortune to be diverted, the understanding is that the FAA should give them special handling so that they can complete their flights with minimal delay. The Diversion Recovery Page shows the FAA which flights that deserve special handling, and it lets the NAS users know that the FAA knows about these flights.

Diversion Recovery Page

A flight is placed on this page if DVRSN is placed in field 11 of the flight plan. Also, a NAS user can manually enter a flight on this page. A diversion recovery flight is removed from the page when it takes off or when a user manually deletes it.

The Diversion Recovery Page is on the Command Center intranet. NAS users can access it over AOCnet, and FAA users can access it over ETMS communications lines.

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