CDM Training Update

Training on procedures and processes is critical for the successful implementation of new products that originate from the CDM community. The goal is to ensure members are educated and proficient on these upcoming tools through periodic updates as the year progresses. This gives NAS users the opportunity to have common situational awareness of current CDM training products by way of a CDM training distribution center. Every year the CDM Training Team provides a “CDM Spring Training” package which can be located in the Training drop down menu above.

Training Updates:

Time Based Launch Procedures (TBLP) for Commercial Space operations in the NAS
Florida AFPs…Choosing the Appropriate TMI*

New York Departure Plan SWAP 2018
TBFM Fundamentals

* This video renders best in Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers (due to Adobe/Shockwave issues, please avoid using Google Chrome).

Supporting Documents:

Additional Documents: Training Archive