PERTI Evaluation Team*

*Having met it’s initial objective, the PERTI Evaluation Team has been shelved. Team members have joined the Stakeholders Evaluation Team (SET). The SET operates under the direction of the ATO Leadership with primarily the same objective as the PET, but with more aggressive near-term goals. The PET may be re-activated should the CSG see a need for the team’s usefulness to support the PERTI initiative.

The FAA Air Traffic Organization’s Strategic Plan focuses on becoming more effective in the strategic and predictive planning and execution of daily traffic management. This includes accounting for disruptive events by analyzing traffic and constraints from the past and building upon data driven analysis to make the NAS even safer and more efficient. Part of this strategic effort is known as PERTI. Each letter represents one of the five key points of the mission – Plan, Execute, Review, Train and Improve. In promoting the FAA’s sophisticated approach to strategic air traffic system management, PERTI motivates outreach to the aviation community on behalf of the FAA’s Air Transport Organization (ATO), providing subject matter experts and operational insight to our partners. As the PERTI process evolves, collaborative stakeholder engagement in all 5 phases of the process is imperative for establishing success in the mission. Because of the dynamics involved with the strategic and tactical planning of an operation, the CDM Stakeholders Group has activated a working group, PERTI Evaluation Team (PET), employing a collaborative consortium of experiential knowledge and subjective judgment to further the PERTI objective and strategy. Through a “lessons learned” methodology that identifies both positive and negative performances and close collaboration with the PET, PERTI delivers the consistent data-driven results industry is seeking. The PET was activated in May, 2017. Through PERTI and subsequently, the PET, the effort supports the FAA ATO’s goal of enhancing Traffic Management Tools in partnership with the flight operators and other segments of aviation through the CDM process.


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