CDM Documents

Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) is aimed at improving Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) through increased information exchange among aviation community stakeholders.  CDM membership brings the benefit of real time information and a voice in the ATFM and CDM process.

The CDM Stakeholders Group (CSG), the oversight body of CDM, has established a set of strategies and guidelines for FAA and industry CDM Leads, FAA and industry sub-team leads, and other participants to follow. The result is an effective and collaborative government-industry communication forum that not only provides a means for enhancing the efficiency of the NAS, but also a pathway for promoting more effective management and leadership throughout the ATFM domain. The CDM structures and strategies can be found in the most current version of the CDM Guidelines document.

CDM membership is limited to qualified aviation related entities that meet the data-sharing criteria specified in the current FAA CDM Memorandum(s) of Agreement (MOA). There are two MOAs (accessible below): the CDM Airport MOA is specifically for airport operators who anticipate engaging the CDM data sharing process. The CDM MOA applies to all other entities participating in CDM data sharing. All CDM Members who meet the specific criteria are required to sign the applicable MOA and maintain specific data quality requirements specified in the document.

CDM updates and activities are updated quarterly via the CDM Newsletter.

CDM File Listing:

CDM MOA Airport August 2019
CDM Flight Operator MOA 2020
CDM Guidelines document.