The TSD-U/F/C is deployed within the TSS environment at the TPC. FAA users will access the TSD-U/F/C through the Mission Support Internet Protocol (MSIP) network. Additionally, there is also capability for FAA users to access the TSD-U/F/C through the FTI OPS- IP network. Military users will access the TSD-U/F/C through public internet connections using a virtual private network (VPN). Airline users and data service providers will access the TSD-C version through AOCNet or through NAS Enterprise Security Gateway (NESG) VPN. The data shown on the TSD-C is exactly the same data that is seen by the FAA traffic flow managers on the TFMS, except the data on sensitive flights, lightning data, and aircraft icons are omitted.


TSD U/F/C File Listing:

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